Slack Integration

Pep connects to Slack! To connect to Slack, you need a Team Pep account.

First, you need to have a team configured, if you haven't already. Each Pep team can connect to a different Slack workspace.

Only the Account Owner in Pep can set up Slack integrations.

  1. Hover over you avatar on the top right
  2. Select "Manage members & teams"
  3. Click "Teams"
  4. Select a team (or create a new one)
  5. On your team page, click "Add to Slack". This will connect this team with a Slack workspace.
  6. Make sure the right Slack workspace is selected, then click "Authorize". You may have to sign in to Slack first if you're not signed in.
  7. Back in Pep, click "Sign in with Slack". This will connect your Pep user to Slack and allow you to use the Pep slash commands.

That's it! You've connect your Pep account to Slack!

If you ever want to disconnect, go "Manage apps" in your Slack workspace. You will see Pep in the list there, and you can remove it.

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