Setting a card's schedule

When you're adding cards to a ChronoBoard, you can give each card its own schedule. Some tasks are "one-off", while others repeat on a schedule. In Pep, you can put all those cards in a board, and we'll automatically let you know when they're due (and flip them over for you!)

Need to change an existing card's schedule? Not to worry, you can do that at any time by clicking the "edit" button when viewing a card!

Making a one-time card

If you've got a card that only needs to be completed once (like writing a case study for a client), you can make a one-time card by picking "Once" for the "Repeats" when creating or editing a card

Setting a due date for a one-time card

By default, one-time cards in Pep don't have a due date set. You can set a due date by clicking on the "Due on:" field after the  "Once" preset has been selected:

Making a repeating card

For tasks that need to repeat on a schedule (like answering support emails or weekly reviews), you can set up a customized repeating schedule for a card. Pep comes with a few smart presets you can choose from, but you can also customize a card's schedule based on how your business actually runs, and to help spread out your workload

Using a repeating card preset

When creating or editing a card, you can pick one of the presets for the "Repeats" field and the card will repeat based on that schedule. Not sure how a schedule will play out? You can hover over any preset to learn more about it, and we'll always show you a preview of the card's schedule for the next 6 months:

Need to tweak a schedule slightly? You can click the "Settings" and start customizing a card to suit your needs!

Customizing a repeating card's schedule

Do you have a task that only needs to be done every 2 weeks, or on the 1st weekday of every quarter? Or a process that's only done during specific months of the year? Pep allows you to make custom card schedules so your team knows exactly what needs to be done, and when.

To make a custom schedule, pick "Custom" when creating or editing a card. You can then pick how often a card repeats:

Once you've picked an interval, you can pick when a card is due, and when the card will reset:

You'll see a preview of your changes due dates preview section of the card, so you'll know exactly how a card will behave.

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